Mississippi Standards of Practice

Special Volume of The Lucas Letter – 1.0 Contact Hours

In this volume of The Lucas Letter we explore the Mississippi Standards of Practice (MSoP). Our "training" and study of the standards is facilitated by examining the 2007 Mississippi Court of Appeals case of Jones v. Gresham, and comparing and contrasting the outcome of the case with the requirements of the MSoP. This is a Correspondence Course package with a 2-Page Letter, accompanied by a 5-Page reprint of the current MSoP and the 5-Page Court Decision. This 12-Page document has a 10-Question examination based on the Letter, the MSoP and the Court Decision. This is a correspondence course which allows for questions and answers (primarily through e-mail) and requires participants to send (e-mail preferably) the examination back to us for grading. Please allow at least one hour for this study.

OBJECTIVES: To train participants in the MSoP through at least one hour of study of the MSoP and related material. Upon successful completion of our 10-Question examination, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion for 1.0 Professional Development Hours.

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