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Survey of State Continuing Education Requirements For Land Surveyors † 


The states seem to fall into one of three categories when it comes to continuing education. There are states that require continuing education (professional development) but do not pre-approve continuing education courses. For these states all of The Lucas Letter course offerings will be applicable. There are a few states within this category that do not require pre-approval but they reserve the right to disallow credits for course that have not been pre-approved. These have been specifically noted. In all cases, you are encouraged to contact your state board for clarification of continuing education credits.

The second category of states is those that require pre-approval of courses and in some instances, pre-approval of course providers. The Lucas Letter is in the process of seeking pre-approval of all posted course offerings. As of this date none have been approved.

The final category is those states that have no continuing education requirements. Again, you are encouraged to contact your state board for clarification of continuing education credits.

States with Continuing Education Requirements Pre-Approval Not Required
States with Continuing Education Requirements Pre-Approval Required
States without Continuing Education Requirements
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States with Continuing Education Requirements

Pre-Approval Not Required

State Hours Cycle Ethics
Reqmnt. †† 
1. Alabama  15 Annual  No No
2. Alaska  30 Biennial No No
3. Arkansas  30 Biennial No Yes
4. Georgia  15 Biennial No Yes
5. Idaho  30 Biennial No Yes
6. Illinois  20* Biennial Yes No
7. Iowa  30* Biennial No Yes
8. Kansas  30 Biennial No Yes
9. Kentucky 8 Annual Yes** No
10. Louisiana***  15 Biennial Yes Yes
11. Maine  12 Biennial No No
12. Minnesota  24 Biennial No Yes
13. Mississippi  12 Annual Yes Yes
14. Missouri***  20* Biennial No No
15. Montana  30 Biennial No No
16. Nebraska  30 Biennial No No
17. Nevada  30 Biennial No Yes
18. New Hampshire*** 32 Biennial No No
19. New Mexico  30 Biennial No Yes
20. North Carolina***  15 Annual No Yes
21. North Dakota 30 Biennial No Yes
22. Ohio  15 Annual No No
23. Oklahoma  30 Biennial No Yes
24. Oregon  30 Biennial No Yes
25. Pennsylvania 24 Biennial No No
26. South Carolina  30 Biennial No Yes
27. South Dakota  30 Biennial No Yes
28. Texas***  8 Annual No Yes
29. Utah 24 Biennial No No
30. West Virginia  8 Annual Yes** Yes
31. Wyoming  30 Biennial No Yes

States with Continuing Education Requirements

Pre-Approval Required

Please note: Lucas and Company, LLC has obtained pre-approval in New Jersey, Florida and Tennessee. We are currently seeking pre-approval in other states. 

State Hours Cycle Ethics Requirement†† Comity Provision†††
1.Delaware 24 Biennial Yes Yes
2.Florida 24 Biennial No No
3.Indiana 24* Biennial Yes No
4.Maryland 24 Biennial No No
5.New Jersey 24* Biennial No Yes
6.New York§ 24* Triennial No No
7.Rhode Island 20 Biennial No Yes
8.Tennessee 15* Annual No Yes
9.Vermont 20 Biennial No No
10.Wisconsin§ 20 Biennial Yes Yes

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States without Continuing Education Requirements

1. Arizona
2. California  
3. Colorado  
4. Connecticut  
5. Hawaii  
6. Massachusetts  
7. Michigan  
8. Virginia  
9. Washington  
10. Washington D. C.  
11. Wisconsin§  

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† The information provided above is to the best of our information, knowledge and belief. Please check with your own board of registration to determine if continuing education is required, if correspondence courses are allowed and for any restrictions on credits for correspondence courses.

†† An ethics requirement as defined herein also includes requirements for training in codes of conduct.

††† A comity provision (also referred to as “reciprocity”) may allow for continuing education credits earned in one state (usually the state of residency) to be counted under the continuing education rules of another state. Comity provisions are subject to interpretation and you are encouraged to check with your state board for clarification of their comity provisions.

* Some restrictions on hours credited for correspondence courses apply.

** Ethics training requires board sponsorship or approval. At this time, this has not been obtained for our
Ethics programs in these states.

*** Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Texas provide for pre-approval of courses and/or providers, but pre-approval does not appear to be mandatory; however, these boards retain final authority on approval of claimed credits.

§ Wisconsin requirements begin in 2012. New York requirement expires June 30, 2014.

Last Update: January, 2012.

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