The Pincushion Effect Book Review

The Pincushion Effect is a must read for surveyors and attorneys alike .It incorporates many boundary cases and true life scenarios of surveys gone bad that leave it to the courts to figure out. The annotations to the cited cases are interesting and generally on point. Nobody can write about a volatile subject such as this without interjecting some personal opinions and Lucas does not disappoint. I would expect no less from a nationally prominent speaker and author. This is an “easy read” that is entertaining as well as informative. This book should hold a prominent place on the shelf and be referred to frequently BEFORE a dispute arises. If this writing can keep a surveyor out of trouble with the legal system on a daily basis or prepare said surveyor for trial when the chips are down then it is worth many times the asking price. The Pincushion Effect is a solid reminder that poor measurement does not put a surveyor on the defense but poor research and lack of education does. It truly belongs in the law libraries as a learned treatise.

Respectfully submitted,

John Stock, RLS